Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pick it up

yeah... some weird thing I had... just decided to draw whatever came to my mind not knowing where it would take me.... hmm... well, I think you can tel... a winning player :)
No story behind it... just a bit of luck and a go with the flow attitude.


NaBHaN said...

I like the dark strokes of this drawing .. I was really starting to strain my eye over your pencil drawn cartoons. lol

Good shadowing strokes and it's over all quite balanced , something a bit weird about the right hand , but over all it's clean and neat.

TripleTee said...

lool... yakhee they were sketches I was afraid to spoil with a black pen...
hehe.. this one was randomly drawn... true, the hands took me long, trying to equalize it somehow :S... but thank you! well appreciated :D