Tuesday, July 19, 2005


A story of survival... some kinda poem I wrote some time ago... right at the spot! ... sometimes I wonder how I come up with them... but I realized that telling a story through a poem turned out to be quite enjoyable... words flow like a river :p....pff... somethin I picture shakespeare saying... *despite the fact that I don't know what he looked like*... but never the less, this story has a moral and a final conclusion which came to me by chance... quite intriguing when you get a stormbrrrr....... aahhh... You know!?... that thing!!! whatever you call it... oh nevermind, enough talk... read it!!... I mean... enjoy! :p

Silence grew among the stones
Waterdrops stood out
Sounds that came in different tones
And hardly caused a sprout
Silence that did not show peace
Nor harmony I doubt
Something eerie was unleashed
I start to roam about

Ways were spread one here one there
The channels did not join
I paused to think and flip a dare
through one side of my coin

My luck was heads, it's only fair
And so I crossed the way
I hurried on, my feet were bare
But nothing stops my day

It's only hope, it's only strength
That only counts today
The days I spent have reached a length
No more than I can say

So on I ran with beaming eyes
I thought I saw a ray
Coming through where endless tries
Were made to break the clay
So on I broke with endless sighs
Nothing stops my way
There's naught a value money buys
More worth than lives can pay



Fast_HacKinG said...

I'm not into poems to be honest, but this one sounds "M.A.R.V.E.L.O.U.S" to me. My younger sister said that when I write down a poem it'd turn out mysteriously complicated and ain't understandable!

Is this poem dedicated to someone or e7m anything :P~

Keep'em coming TripleTee :)

TripleTee said...

lol... thanx fH :).. glad you liked it!!
nah it wasn't exactly a dedication but I made it for Abs's previous thread in arts sabla so they could figure out the meaning! ;)...
It kills me,cuz when I want to sit down in peace and write a good one it doesn't turn out all that... but when I write it at the spot for a game, words just flow... qaharrr!! but thanx anyway! I'll post my other one then :D

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TripleTee said...

whoa! Thanks Anny... glad to have been of your assistance...