Friday, July 29, 2005

Unusual shyness

Once I was flying economy class out of the country... and a japanese person sat next to me... now I adored japanese people for some reason... and I sat there thinking, felt really weird. He sat down and opened a small book in japanese writing. Of course I ,being quite curious, wanted to talk to him and lead a conversation... but unfortunately my first attempt to talk to strangers didn't go swiftly and I kept contemplating when would be the right time to talk since he was reading. Imagine I sat there for almost an hour! And only one hour was left for us to reach our destination. So I decided to give it a go and planned to start with saying "Are you japanese?" ... yes... that's what I wanted to say... HOWEVER... as I leaned forward to say that... the only thing that came out was... "Japanese?" ... realizing what I said I sat straight again almost bursting. Without doubt I got my answer straight away since the guy looked up from his book and gave me a wide smile. I thought " ok, you are then." He said "how did you guess". In my mind I said "well it's quite obvious" but I just went like "it was a guess". The real reason was his eyes... Japanese have eyes that go down and chinese have ones that go up... but knowing that wouldn't have been a polite answer, I converted. :p ...
To me that was really funny... but our conversation went well... learnt a lot about their culture... to me japanese are great.


NaBHaN said...

I used to be shy but not anymore. Unfortunately now though I always end up sitting next to old people or women who are way too religious and strict to talk to a complete stranger. bah.

I hope when i go back home in a month i get to sit next to someone cool.

TripleTee said...

lol.. must've been a weird feeling sitting next to someone so, statue-like! :S... the japanese turned out to be working in a TV company. I guess he had the feeling I was a statue myself since I was completely frozen at first... but when I talked he opened up straight away. lol,it was funny to observe that.
ofcourse I was curious about what japanese believed in.So i asked and He said he believed in himself. Knowing that I was a muslim he saw me giving him a look (which I only did for the fun of it)... imagine, he hesitated and said "ofcourse we believe in god!" .. I laughed and said "no worries man, no need to pretend, I know what you mean."
dunno if all japanese are like that but he was very polite!

Najah said...

i love japanese, back when i was studying alll of my friends were japanese. I so much loved how friendly and un-judgmental that nation is mashalllah they are WONDERFUL... I'm never shy in planes, i always end up talking and talking with people next to me.

Anonymous said...

so where were u headin at that time

TripleTee said...

Najah... lol... Guess I ain't that talkative in the beginning, but once I get used to it I become normal... but yeah... japanese are very friendly people and easy to befriend :)

anonymous: to be quite frank with u... if I wanted to reveal that I would've written it... but I think it's unnecessary since where I was goin was not the point :p ...however thanx for passin by