Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Say Hi to my "Shadow"

I just had to take a shot at her when she came sneaking into my room before I went to sleep. That was some time ago. It was a pleasant surprise. She never used to spend the night with me anymore. But I guess that night she decided she wanted to come back.
Isn't she adorable? :p...
that's my Shadow :)


SteLLa said...

Awwwh she looks so adorable!! I wish you hadn't removed her uterus, we would've mated her with Honey lool

TripleTee said...

I knooow :(... wish I could bring it back... I'd so love to see the outcome... oh well.

Conjugater. said...

How Cute :).
Am Mad About Cats, And I Own Two As Well.
I Loved Her.. And Now I Hate You Because Of Removing The Uterus.
Would've Been A Great Thing To Keep It.. :)
Take A Good Care Of Her
And May You Have A Nice Day.

TripleTee said...

lool... it wasn't meee.... but well, we had to take it out cuz she was suffering ...
I feel she would've attacked honey anyway... he's too raqeeq, and she's too wild... lol
they're both still adorable though.

open up a blog conj. and show us yours :p

SteLLa said...

Honey's too spoiled! He gets a massage everyday for God's sake :p

Blind Melon said...

Oh Tee I love your cat! I'm not sure the feeling is mutual though! :p Hehe.. She bit me last time.. But only cause I was chasing her around the house! :p lol

TripleTee said...

Stella: Lol... well obviously Someone" likes spoiling her cat. I mean I've never heard anyone put their cats to sleep... lol

Blindy: I told you she was wild!! lol... but she let you get close enough to touch her, so take that as a sign of affection lol... usually she doesn't.
I guess you realized how arrogant she

Conjugater said...

Hmmm.. Ok I Might Not Look So Passionate Or What So Stinkin Ever.. But I Love My Cats That I Make Sure They Sleep "Smirks Giggling" .. Anyhow Seems Like You Guys Are Taking Care Of Them Quite Good.

Have A Nice Sunshine Hot Bay.

Solidus said...

Hmm.. What if this cat gets crushed by a car one day? :P

Just kidding.. Bitjannin :D

Anonymous said...

Solidus you are rude :p

Hehe, adorable cat indeed! Reminds me our old Kaz :(

BTW: I added your blog into my list. I hope you don't mind ^_^

TripleTee said...

solidus! b3eed isshar!!!... go touch

FH: haha... yeah she's cute but a little wild.:os

oh sure no probs I don't mind... thanx :)

sweetness said...

I'm always afrid form animals =S !

But ya , your cat is so adrobale ;)

SteLLa said...

Tee, I just posted a pic of Honey on my blog. Check it out! :D