Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just a Dream

Just a Dream

Just a dream, it’s just a dream
Just a phantom of my trance
Visions of an unknown scheme
Cut it short from one long prance

Just a dream, it’s just a phase
Let my silence speak its words
All this time has left no trace
Like a nest left clear of birds

Just a dream, it’s just a thought
Left its owner out of spite
From the joy it could’ve brought
Took its faith out of my sight

Just a dream, that left some hope
That forever shined anew
Only I could never cope
With a weak uncertain view

Just a dream, it’s just a wish
That unlikely could come true
Just a dream, and now I wish
That my dreams dispose of you


Something I felt like writing also inspired by Sarah Brightman's soundtracks...
Hope you like it :)


Conjugater said...

Lets Say That I Sentimentally, Utterly Immersed With It.. Wonderful Words :).. Dont Let Go Of Your Reveire Nor Ur Talents.

TripleTee said...

your comment's well appreciated conjugater :)... thank you