Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Difficult

Difficult to Write

I had a poem in mind to write
About the gift of sight
Though pictures made, can slowly fade
Those thoughts were not yet bright

I had some thoughts in mind to mark
As empty as the dark
Those thoughts were slight, and barely right
To start another spark

I still had thoughts I could inscribe
Though pictures did the bribe
Attractive arts, laid low like darts
Were lost in just one vibe

And until now I could engrave
With marks I still enslave
Their deadliness, no more or less
Would still, my writings crave

Though still I wish those thoughts would stay
The words are hard to play
So throughout time, those words that rhyme
Won’t reach until this day

TripleTee 2006
All rights reserved

That mighta been hard to write all the same :p
Well it's how I constantly feel every now and then... ideas are crammed in my head... it's just so hard to implement them... but they're THERE, I promise....lol...

Ok it's just an update for now... saving time for my next... which will be a bit more intense and'll need me to be in the mood for it... as well as getting my readers to be in the mood to read it...

oh well... hope you liked the above :p


iamnasra said...

How are u ...Beautiful poem....

TripleTee said...

Heyyz Nasra... good to see you back.
I'm doing fine I guess... ideas are pouring out again.
However, Thank you... glad you liked this one :)

M987 said...

I would like to see you make a poem that doesnt rhyme.
I feel like it gives more "feel" to it.

Good work

TripleTee said...

lol... really?...
that's my prob... i hate poems that don't rhyme... unless it follows a certain rhythm...

I'll try...