Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blogger's Block

Terribly sorry for delaying the update. And to be honest neither is this a decent update cuz I'm having what I'd probably call a Blogger's Block. Even though I have loads of things to talk about... it's just too much I don't know where to start and where to end. ...
The topics are so random... my mind's pending.

I'll try being around ... until thunder rumbles and perhaps luckily awakens my brainstorm.


Red Dragon said...

Wht is blog blocker??

Why the hell r u blocked!!!

no one dares to block you!!! I am gona shoot them down!!!

so dear!!! missed you alot!!!

Lily said...

Just to shut us up eh?
=p lol
*Does a rain dance* to bring about the thunder..
that might awaken Tee’s brainstorm.
*A thunderstorm ensues* *Lily runs towards Tee and hands her an umbrella and a kite and tells her to wait by the lone tree*

*goes somewhere safe and watches, waiting for the lightening to strike* hehehe
In lightning storms, umbrellas are not our friends and
There’s still some doubt on whether Benjamin Franklin actually performed that kite experiment.. muwahaha I’m curious.
and maybe feeling a little evil? =p

hehe hope that blockage of yours breaks soon Tee ^-^
anticipantly awaiting

TripleTee said...

blogger's block RD... I blocked myself... shoot me. :p

lilly: *waits under the tree innoscently with absolutely no clue* *lightning strikes* Tee comes back all black with hair standing up....

T: I got it now!!
Lilly: yeah?
T: yeah...

*Tee previously connected an antena on the top of the tree and joined it to the umbrella's handle. She hands the umbrella to Lilly.

T: wait for the next thunder Lilly. My post will come when it strikes.

Nella said...

lol..having one of those eh? oh well, update its better than nothing no? ^_^

hope that thunder will strikes soon lol =P
just let go of the umbrella when it does ok?
actually I'm not very sure who's holding it right or Lily but umm, you let go of it..both of you!

Fast_HacKinG said...

Honestly, I was worried since that rat attack, it shouldn't affect you this way to it makes you get 'blog block' lol.

My guess is that you are more busy with school 'duh- I hate this word' and I believe studies have the highest priority, so whenever you have the free time and right time to post, just please do it, 'cause I am sure that there are so many people like reading your blog.

I loved both of your scenarios, Lily and Tee. Blow up all your thunders, XD

Fast_HacKinG said...

Ahh a typo up there ^^, so it makes you...


I have a lecture, I gotta go :P

TripleTee said...

lol @ Nella... let the poor girl hold the umbrella... she'll get wet otherwise :p

FH :p... will do as soon as the storm strikes again... for sure... thank you

Lily said...

I don’t mind getting wet! =D
I love the rain <3
And the weather here is so unpredictable, I’ve had to walk under the rain lotsa times. Never a problem! ^-^.. mm unless I was wearing something that might become see-through when wet then it’s a race with the wind! ><
Hehe Sometimes I’d have my umbrella with me but I wouldn’t take it out. =p..
Some umbrella it is anyway! It doesn’t keep me dry. The wind’s a bully!.. the umbrella gets blown up so instead of being like this (--- it becomes like this )--- like a bowl to catch the rain. ><
So hun, really its ok, you keep the umbrella. Ok? stay dry
Unless you insist on being so selfless, give it to FH =p
Ok ok *takes back the umbrella and disposes of it*
Lets just all go inside, we don’t need to wait for the thunder.
The sun might illuminate the words you couldn’t find when it comes out (haha now me have Natasha’s song in my head- unwritten)
We’ll have fun!
yallah, Fata7iya warda!
hehe ^-^

sensation said...

What's a blogger's block?
Girl, you have created all kinds of blocks! Writer's block, bloggers block and painter's block!

I think it sounds cool and prestigious to use these terms as an excuse of not wanting to finish the task. The fact is as long as you have so many ideas to write about, you just need to sit, organize your ideas and write them down!

We don't have any thunder strikes in summer over here in Oman, no? I think you will be waiting for a bit too long.

TripleTee said...

lilly: lol.. now you're talking... want to hold out a peace treaty eh?... I will willingly accept then :p

sensation: Looool @ you and my excuses. I actually managed to think without the thunder this time... will update as soon as I can.

sensation said...

Good for ya! :)
See! You don't need any thunder strikes after all, do you? :P