Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nizwa Word Inventions

"With ignorance comes creativity"

That's a lesson one of the professors was trying to teach us in Linguistics.
And he Proved it!!! It was Hilarious... what happened was as follows:

Prof: Another way of having new words added into a language is backwards inventions.
Backwards inventions is when one derives a word from another language instead of deriving it from the root. Like "Editor"
Editor was a word in itself... it was derived from another language... people were ignorant about that fact and thought editor had a root word "Edit". And that's how the new word "edit" was brought into the language.

Students: *laugh*

Prof: see how ignorance can be useful?... let's take a live example then shall we?... Give me the root word of "assumption"

Students: *uncertainly shout out* "Assump"!!!

Prof: Assump??... really??... Do you know you've just come up with a word I never heard... nor does it even exist in the english language. The root word for assumption is assume.


Prof: but who knows... perhaps assump would become a new word in the English language invented by 7atharatkum, Nizwa students!!...

After all even though it's ignorance... some use can come out of it.

Me: tssssk.... ignorance indeed.


Nella said...

i was told about that Editor story as well! ^_^

LOL! assump? XD tsssk indeed!

you're in Nizwa?
ok..for some reason i imagined you studying somewhere in Australia

good luck anyways..how are you holding up in there? how's the ummm, atmosphere? XD

TripleTee said...

lol.. I do for the time being.

that XD smiley you put was right to describe the atmosphere. :p

it's livable...lol...
professors are great, so that's what matters.

iamnasra said...

Clever one ...I liked this ...Just to let you know that another write had been featured in LIP

Hope u can visit

Red Dragon said...


That professor is too smart for his own good,,,


So hows the after Uni life treating you over there, I guess boring is the word???

Oblivious said...

Hahahaha...he's soo cute!:P

sensation said...

This was hilarious! :P :D

Well at least they are good at something, inventing?
May be one day they will come up with their own dictionary. You may never know :P

Fast_HackinG said...

I can't get it, it's Nizwa students or Nizwa University Students?

Lacking ignorance is different when qualifying the ignorance itself. How many are they out there? Head-Retards

What's the root of the word '7amasation?" :D

TripleTee said...

nasra: sure...will be on it.

RD: boring's the minor wird RD, the minor word.

obli: know who you're calling cute there? lol... but yeah he's a great professor. :p

sensation: Nizwa Dictionary will be the ultimate :XD:

FH: Nizwa Uni students... duh :p
it's 7amaaas... or anyone feels like it should be anything else? :p
go ahead and be creative...LOL