Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jibber Jabber, Blibber Blabber

Sooo... I feel strangely stiff and unusual... ... ...
I didn't save the world as I promised myself to do when I was a child... oh well.

Exams are nearing... not a good sign... nope.. no no.

Been busy being entertained but "Finding Neverland", "POTC 2" and "Memoirs of a Geisha"... in which I started loathing the very look of the mirror. Geishas are fabulous... as artists that is.

Down to the point... getting on the net was quite a hassle previously... and now I have net in my dorms so that's halelluja to me...

5th point for this entry... I have never seen any type of girls ever giving ruder stares to each other more than arabs. Why look at other girls with such distaste and jelousy?... Are they that insecure and unconfident?
Why is it that when I talk to some girls here they look as if I came from the other end of the world?

Girl: Tee, where are you from?

Me: Oman...

Girl: You're Omani??!! Where from??

Me: Nizwa

Girl: Are you serious??!! Here??!!! Can't be!!!

Me: *stares at her*... (I've given up asking why and what makes them so surprised... I know why.. I've seen them look at foreigners in a way that there's no way they'll live up to them.)

I remember being thought to be either a bahraini or jordanian or zanzibari or lebanese<<(It's obviously not right but that lebanese comment nevertheless damn right flattered me, yet also confirmed to me how clueless and under the rocks these girls are)...

but something took that wonder away and replaced it with distainment

I asked the girl once again why she finds me or some of the other girls she pointed out to be non-omani.
She said because you're fair and somehow look different (usually features they find amazing).

Now this is the thing with the Omanies here... are they trying to say Omanies usually look ugly?... ok yes... I've seen a lot of ugliness I admit... but there are some really pretty ones... why the hell do I hear them putting themselves down??
There's nothing I hate more than to see people feeling sorry for themselves and talk so lowly. It lets the little respect I have for them fade.

I just feel like I want to get that chair over there and throw it at her.


Fast_HacKinG said...

Ahhhhh, this happens with me a lot and it's irritating. I hate it when someone come to me saying "You are lawati right?", I go like "WTF?". I don't think I look like them at all, and I wonder how people can tell this is lawati and this blueshi or bla bla bla bla??

My other brother is also having the same problem, because he definitely doesn't look like Omani or 5aliji because our mother doesn't look like Omani, too. Same thing happens when I tell people like "I'm originalyl from Nizwa", they give me this wide-eyes shocking impression which I dislike it as like I don't look like an Omani person who's from Nizwa. Duh!

Hey, you updated huh? :D I need to update too, but I need time :p

Lily said...

You watched Finding Neverland! ^-^
Not as good as you expected huh?
I loved it!
and not only because Johnny Depp was starring =p
And Geisha?
Geisha means a person of the arts ^-^
hehe the original geishas were men! I read somewhere.><

mhm they are pretty, and amazingly talented
but I get confused thinking about them
I used to think they were kinda like prostitutes.. but I read they weren’t..
hehe but they do all that to entertain men?
I don’t know..
Well great you enjoyed! Forgetting boredom
If you watched anything else that’s good, make sure you recommend it to me! =D

Nella said...

i feel exactly the same..i get the looks, the Qs..everything!

i was always like : ugh whatever..but there is this one time i felt somehow offended lol

i was in class with an Emarati and Saudi girl..and they came to me and asked where I'm from, i said : Oman

they started laughing that : yeah right! laugh..and then said : no really..

-_- i was offended really, coz 1st it wasn't funny and 2nd it felt as if it's impossible to be omani and not be ugly! seriously...wth? ugh!

i hate how ppl judge you by your appearance..i just don't like it..

skin deep ppl! skin deep! xD

Red Dragon said...

I hate it too,,,
Well in the office I made the omani well known!!!
LOL from the noise that I make!! The whole office knows I am an Omani!!
and whn They ask me!! I say I am proud to be an Omani,,,

Then I start making fun of other nationalities!! till the point they get angry, and then I tell them oki u stop making fun of Omanis and I will try to be nice!! LOL but I am never nice to them!! I a raceist and a proud one ba3ad,,,

you know, you need to show them wht is the meaning of being Omani!! :)

TripleTee said...

FH: took me a while to update
i could tell you... I look 100% like a omani... i have the features.... i really don't know what confused them.

Lily: you should watch Final Fantasy advent children... I recommend it all the way. lol

Nella: let's show them otherwise ehhh?... how mistaken they are...:p

RD: wow... lol... now that shows it gets to you more. you must've had to go through raicism earlier :os... no raicism mate... be humble :p

a7MeDiNo said...

The music in your blog is lovely.

About the girls, here is my very own quote:
"Finding a hot girl in Oman, is just like finding a needle, in a haystack"

TripleTee said...

waaaaaaah... qawiyya! lol..not untrue though... I really wonder why.

LB said...

Haaahaai, u r right! ^_^

I'm with u, in our country
the girl who's without
Abbaya is simply an ALIAN!!