Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Absent Minded

I was in one of the rooms upstairs where there's wireless connection, and usually when the browser stops working I go down to the library to switch off the ADSL and switch it back on again.

Today I went down with the intention of going to the library to do that... except that instead of stopping down the stairs... I continued walking all the way down to the kitchen... and once I was there I stopped still... stood there for 5 minutes... wondered what I was there for.

If only you knew how far the kitchen is from the library... and how long I walked all the way down before I actually remembered that's not where I wanted to go.

I'm really wondering what'll happen when I grow old.


Red Dragon said...

You are suffering from a hipnotiaceases!!! (I made that up)

That happens alot to me too!!! but every time I go cruzn!!! I just drive aimlessly!!!

TripleTee said...

at least you knew your intentions. You didn't go to ruwi when you wanted to go to MQ :XD:

Red Dragon said...

I reached Bustan whn I wanted to go home!!! at seeb

TripleTee said...

ok...I'm not the only one then... that's enlightening

NaBHaN said...

lol..I can imagine u just standing there and wondering what the hell posessed you.

Don't happens to the best of us. ;)

TripleTee said...

^^lol... stop imagining things.

thanks nabs. :p

Anonymous said...

You shud stop thinking about me girl, then you will be fine!

TripleTee said...

I'm starting to regret enabling anonymous... now I'm curious.

you that gorgeous?

Phat said...

I once wanted to put on clothes, I ended up putting on PJs instead -_- .. happens lol .. probably because u think while walking and you get dozed off.. or I dunno.. but dont worry
بتصير بأحسن العائلات

TripleTee said...

hehe... now after people start telling me their stories... I guess doing what I did doesn't sound as bad.
that was hilarious Phat.

no probs then :p