Monday, January 08, 2007

The Small Things

I'm done with watching Princess Mononoke a dozen times already thanks to Red Dragon's link to torrents.
And I figured something through it. The song I mentioned I've been playing on my org thinking it was a song from that movie was NOTHING like it!!!....
I wish I could create my tunes on the laptop so I could make you guys listen to the difference.
But that would mean something else...
It's pretty much a song of my imagination then. And it's a tune I happen to like... therefore I'm happy something like a movie I've only seen once before could inspire something like that.
When I manage to create it here I'll show you.

On another note... My cat "Shadow" attacked me yesterday. Just like that. I was sitting, she was staring at my jacket and she out of the blue attacked it so furiously that her teeth sunk THROUGH my jacket. That somehow caused me some scratches...
cats are marvelous creatures aren't they?... but somehow I felt I wanted THAT particular one away from me. Until I found out the reason behind her sudden outburst. Which I until now don't happen to know.

Muscat Festival started... and for some reason... I'm not that keen on trying out the rides as I used to be. Something's wrong with me... I know I LOVE rides.... but I guess it's no fun when you're the only one willing to go on them while the rest shiver... I guess I'll pass.

I've been lazing around the whole day today. I feel weak. This weather's been getting everyone sick lately... my time's up. It's gonna last for a while as well. So I guess I'll be lazing around a lot more.

Listening to: Celtic Moods (River Dance)
Mood: Tired


Red Dragon said...

- Any time T,,, I will be happy to give you more Anime if you want two,,,

- You must have been a bad owner so the cat came and bit you for not giving it food!!!

- Muscat Festival??? It is all the same each year there is no different other than the girls r getting hotter each year...

- you are always lazy nothing new


Phat said...

Heh, seems like you are enjoying your time.. and yea.. show us more of your creativity, its not that easy though =). can't wait to listen to that.
about your cat, mine does that all the time.. with jackets worries.. congrats on that so called festival.. have fun.. and shake ur tailfeather:)

TripleTee said...

RD: oh suure... thanks for the comfort. *gets a crane... smack!!*

Phat: enjoy my time lazing around? it gets pretty boring y'know.
I was wearing a huge pink wool jacket. But I saw some blood clot in her nose. I think she was fought with another cat. and let it all out on me... her master!! sounds silly but I actually got disappointed and didn't play with her after that... wow... lol

oh well...thanx :)

jack said...

If you get her "fixed" she will be less inclined to roam ... and get into fights.

We rescued a cat and I've created a monster. She whines for treats. She gets mad at me when I don't make her bed. And worst of all if she uses her litter box just once she meows until you clean it!

TripleTee said...

oo... don't you have a spoilt cat there jack.. lol...
Shadow's too wild to be fixed... but now we're just not letting her out as much.
oh and trust me... that cat's suffered with me with lessons of manners. Other than her wildness she's pretty well behaved. I'm a strict
but your cat sounded funny there.... rofl.