Friday, January 26, 2007


For these various reasons:

-I can't find my mouse... (been looking for it for ages now and I just can't seem to find it... I soo badly want to draw something good but I can't do that without it... for heaven's sake, people who take such things should at least have the courtesy to tell me. Let me just get my hands on that bro of mine. It MUST be him)

-I'm running out of coloring ideas to make my drawings look like the exact images I have in mind. My outcome's never the same. It's starting to worry me.

-I'm starting to hate Oman's weather now a days. The temperature's just perfect for spreading fevers. I feel a fever's going to hit me all over again. If it was a hint colder or warmer I would've at least known what to wear.

Now it's back to wearing that pink jacket and hope my cat won't attack me again.
As usual... been lazing around in that exact spot you see almost all day.
Trying to decide which software will suit my drawing requirements to make the image I have in mind...

This must be friday's curse... annoying things always happen on this day...
wonder what the zodiac sign says about Pisces and Fridays?... Surely not their lucky day?


Red Dragon said...

I guess ur cat ate ur mouse ;)

pink jacket!!! Looks sexy!!

If I see u in town I am gona shout TTT!!!

hmmm so creating another famous painting r u

jack said...

This is funny. When something missing at our house there are only 2 possible choices. Her or me.

She will blame the cat or dog when she knows it was HER!

Miss You Fever

TripleTee said...

RD:... only wear it at home ;)

akhh... I've been trying out things for my drawings to take a short while and STILL look good... hate spending hours on one thing... still practicing.

Lol @ Jack...
can only be one... makes life easier.
and rofl at miss you fever. couldn't have hit the core any closer.

Anonymous said...

Its been on off..Visiting ur blog...Hey we are having Tribute to Poetry...One of your poem was selcted for the tribute

See you there

TripleTee said...

that's very kind of you nasra...
I'll sure be there.
Thank you

Red Dragon said...

God Damit!!!!

So no chance to shout TTT!!!

I feel like crying!!! :'(

3anooda said...

tagged by me

TripleTee said...

thanks 3anooda
will update soon :)