Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tag, you are it.

Tagged by dearest 3anooda & Blind Melon:

What will happen to your e-mail when you die?
Float in cyber space until it gets deleted.

Did you try once to give the password to someone? If yes, what kind of relation that you have with this person to trust him/her and give him/her the key of your secrets?
I have... basically because I have no secrets worth hiding from them and because I don't believe they've got any interest or objective to do anything with it. :p

Your famous nickname among your Friends?

Your age?

Your horoscope?

Your qualifications?
English Literature

Your character "personality"?
Like doing things my way, and don't like being told what to do

What travel means to you?
Seeing new places, new people, new cultures... etc.

What do you purchase?
What I need (and sometimes what I like :p)

Your time out of peak
Net, games, books, music...... Net...

Features taken from your dad
Eyes, hands and feet :p
Leadership qualities

Features taken from your mom
being out-going
Hi spirits
High self-esteem

The most 6 things you hate-
-people who're 2 faced
-people who give no face
-people who're full of themselves.

The most 6 things you love-
-those with high intelligence levels
-the way lawyers think
-cinematic sequences
-stories with morals
-art in all its forms

What a job means to you

What computer and internet mean to you
-The world in digital form

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Sue said...

ur 19 ONLY!! god i always pictured u being in ur 20s and when i mean 20s like not under 24 dunno why hehehe!! Maybe ur style in posting and ur thoughts :)

About the way lawyers think... talk about it :p U will envy the way i think when i become a lawyer hehe!! :)

TripleTee said...

lol @ you sue... I'm glad you thought I was older :p
you're gonna sound a lot older when you become a lawyer. Good choice of career girl.

and thanks for passing by :)

Solidus said...

What computer and internet mean to you
-The world in digital form

lol Nice answer..! XD

And hmm, you're 19? :rolleyes:

TripleTee said...

aywaa... 19 la??
why rolleyes?...lol

Bambi said...

19... and 20 soon ... u'r old :p

TripleTee said...

ahem... grrr....


Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

Blogger said...

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