Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Walk To Remember

Nope... not the movie... my day. Why? because I spent almost half of it walking.
First it was in the shores of shatti then in the festival. From 6 to 10:30... count that.... 4 and a half hours of steady walking. So how many calories did I burn?
Well, I may as well describe what I saw along the way.

In the Beach:

- I saw holes in the sand that I usually thought were where the crabs lived. Then looking ahead I saw these birds with long beaks digging into the sand looking for something to catch. (there I knew where the holes came from)

-gazing above I saw other birds flying in formation. It was a trick with the wind someone explained to me. Those birds who were flying in circular motion did it where there was warm air to help them rise further up. And those who flew in a triangular shape did it to lower the air resistance. ... Interesting.

In the Festival:

-the usual crowd. Nothing special except the clowns and the fireworks from close up.

Now I'm back home and I realized it feels pretty good to lay down after a long walk. I feel that at least for once ... I may actually deserve it. lol


Red Dragon said...


so for these long hours of walk,,, I bet you were thinking of me ;)

glad things r off ur mind!!! I need that walk too but no time...

TripleTee said...

if things were off my mind, how could I be thinking of you? :p
usually people walk to forget kidding.

akeeed RD
I think you should go. There are like a million guys playing football there.

Phat said...

Walking Alone = Burn Calories
Walking On The Sand = Double The Previous One.

So Yeah, You Could Imagine How Sexy You Became :).

About The Birds Motion, It Is Intresting.. And Actually There Is More Than That.. We Don't Know.. Sub7an Allah :).

Festivals Are Festivals :).

PS : Reddragon Is Roaming Around Blogs Trying To Get Hooked With A Chick.

Red Dragon said...

foot ball is a soft sport for me!!!
LOL I am a bit of difsh...

you want to see these guys hurt let me play with em,,,

Phat,,, do I look that desperate!!! I dont think so,,, I just love to fool around

TripleTee said...

lol @ u 2. :XD: