Thursday, March 15, 2007

Words Unspoken

Words Unspoken

From far within the widest seas
In waters cold and oceans deep
There will be times, when heedless rhymes
Will throw in words for minds to keep

Those words that form one's true concern
With which those eyes would start to weep
One's pointless aim, to give the blame
To minor numbers down the heap

Yet nameless folk would neither care
Nor try to see how things would be
If those who play, would stop their way
And leave their place in history

Then times will come and leave its age
To where its age decides to be
And those who claim, to know the game
Know naught of its adversary


This was a poem I wrote at a moment when my nerves were almost at an end from a forum I partly moderate together with a number of admins and moderators. That would be English Sabla.
That day I started realizing and understanding how certain moderators used to feel and what they had to deal with.
Some started dictating to me that I was wrong in my judgements and perhaps I was, the team themselves responded little, yet showed support in public.
Certain things can be hectic and you can't always please everyone. You try and get snapped at in return.
This poem was just something I happened to feel like writing at a blink of an eye.
Everything has its ups and downs. However, there will be a time when I'll decide to move on and inshalla find myself a better successor.
But ofcourse only when my nerves can't support it anymore... which is a difficult level to reach.


jack said...

Think of it as a lesson learned.

The members are your customers. The old saying of the customer is "always right" is ...FALSE!

The rub is that they are still your customer and you have to deal with to keep them happy.

Some will never be happy!

Oblivious said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....OMG!! and I was thinking of going back =P.

Poor you walla, I feel were and STILL my fav. mod, I'll kick their asses soon.

Ignore them hun, specially the girls..JEALOUSY! :P


TripleTee said...

Jack: makes me have second thoughts on whether I want to be the customer server.
but oh well... you're right.

Obli: noooo... you'll be the customer. MY at least to have someone I'd love serving :p...
no probs though... other than the membership this is just the moderation aura I got that day...

Nella said...

ugh! it was upsetting to read really..not the poem! XD it's talking about what was on sabla

some ppl are just not worth it..don't upset yourself over stupid ppl hon

Red Dragon said...

I am a Mod too,,,

so just ignore the worthless, and do wht you must do,,,

TripleTee said...

Yeah Nella and RD, true...not worth it... will do. Thanks :D

Bambi said...

u dont love serving me ? :o ^^
as obli said, ignore them :)
that's the best solution i think =)

TripleTee said...

oh no no, i adore serving you bambi :p... you're just barely there sometimes... lol

obli's back on finally... thanks a lot for reconsidering. I'm glad now.

a7MeDiNo said...

Bravo...and're strong