Monday, March 19, 2007

Can't Seem To Pull It Off Right!

Alright!!! That's it!!!... I'm gonna have to let this out somehow...
I'm starting to HATE giving presentations cuz NOTHING I say turns out right!!!

1st presentation was about the reformation period. I said almost ALL there was to say about it and the professor said he would consider it a 4/10 because I didn't mention it's impact on the Renaissance Period.

He could've said write about the reformation's impact on the renaissance and not simply the reformation then, surely?

2nd presentaion he told me to talk about Percy Shelley, so that's who I talked about... Percy Shelley!!... but nooo, I did equally bad because I talked about the person.... not his impact on the Romantic Period.
well isn't Percy Shelley the bloody person??!!!

is this my daftness or his English failure in passing the message?

I'm really pissed this will start affecting my marks!!!

Next time, if EVER he asked me to talk about let's say "Satan" I won't. I'll talk about his bloody IMPACT on my bloody thoughts, this very bloody Period!!


Red Dragon said...


How dare he do that to you!!
No body does that to my T!!
I mean no body!!!

Give me his name & class!!!
I am gona show him not to make fun of you!!!

TripleTee said...

Name: Dr. Nath
Class: British Civilization
Nationality: Jordanian
Age: Mid-30s
Status: Married
Build: Average
Hair color: Black
Height: around 170cm
Eye color: dark brown
Garments: usually wears a dark blue suit.
Hairstyle: Kisha!!

^^if you see anyone with all these features... send him my deepest regards and your fist.

Red Dragon said...


You really hate him!! but you know every single detail about him!!


No worries I am gona give him ur deepest regards

sensation said...

Some teachers can be like that! Even though that you do you best, they still won't be happy with performance! It is unfair to get a 4 out of 10 for a presentation you worked hard for ... But keep the good work up and next time ask him alot of questions so that you know "exactly" what points he wants you to bring up in your presentation ...

good luck :)

Phat said...


Nella said...

ugh that sucks! i feel you hon..some teachers are such a pain!

go with what sensation said..just attack him with lots of Questions so that he will have nothing to complain about..hopefully XD

TripleTee said...

RD: duh... he's not bad looking u know :p

sensation: yes, you're right... takes a bit of nerves I guess... bas inshalla I'll manage. thanks :)

phat: ahem... *stares*

nella: oh suure hun. will do that and let my further complaints out later on. :XD:...

I'll be getting my last test mark with him today... will see how that went.

Red Dragon said...


that hurts!!!

I am handsome, young & smarter than the avarage human!!!

Phat said...

^^That Means He Is A Monkey =D

TripleTee said...