Saturday, March 10, 2007

20 Years Later

So I've outlived 20 years now... my last birthday was no doubt amongst the ones I enjoyed the most. I got well wishes from some I never thought would actually remember, so it made me pretty happy, not to mention having 2 cakes made for me.
I just wanted to thank my dear friend SteLLa and her family for granting me that day. I feel like nothing I do could possibly repay that.
In addition to my Blind_Melon :p and her friend whom I had the pleasure of meeting that day.

If anyone wondered how I feel... well.. I feel not ready... somehow 20 means entering the age of adulthood.... no more teen in the picture. I feel like I have no choice but to go through it and face what the coming years hold for me. In a way the thought scares me. And despite me having a fortune teller << not exactly... just someone who studied my zodiac sign and the exact day and time I was born to tell me about myself.... well despite of her telling me I have a prosperous future due to my personality. Knowing how much I distrust predictions I don't feel any more confident.
Well... who knows... I'll just cross my fingers and try climbing those stairs once again. Perhaps start a new page.


Amjad said...

20? .. Mashallah

Happy birthday to you! :-D inshallah el3mr kela ..

Enjoy your life, and have loads of fun .. May all your wishes come true.

Nella said...

tell me about it..this is exactly how i felt b4 hitting 20 and till now it crosses my mind..

well, we'll just have to deal with it i guess XD

but most ppl told me being 20 is not really different from being 19..there is no teen and some ppl might expect a difference, like being more mature and stuff like that but it's still just about being one year older..

happy birthday Tee! ^_^

Red Dragon said...

Happy birthday first of all,,,

second thing, The way you said "adulthood", you sounded sexy huf huf,,,

oh well we all grow up and we live our days, to me age doesnt matter since I live my days as they are the last! enjoy it to the Max!!

I advice you to do the same! Life is short enjoy it, there are no time for sadness in it

TripleTee said...

amjad: thanks loadss and thanks for passing by :)

Nella: so true... I feel no different personally... I just feel that what awaits me will be different for some reason. oh well.. thanks hun :)

Red D:lol... okayyyyy :p... sure I'll try my best... thanks. :D

Oblivious said...

ugh..I can't believe I'm late!!

Happy Birthday!!!! you're OLD now! lol..I love that age.

I'm glad you enjoyed it..thanks stella =P

TripleTee said...

lol... it's never too late obli.

thank youu :p...

yeah,I'm ancient... still didn't get used to the thought.